Algebra Society

Inner Dimensions of The Algebra Society Logo

The Algebra Society empowers people of all backgrounds to discover insights for personal growth inspired by classical Islamic wisdom. A 501c3 non-profit, The Algebra Society provides an online educational platform featuring original lectures, podcasts, calligraphy and more to help nurture healing and growth for all.

Inspiration: Algebra is Arabic for “mending fractures,” applied in mathematics to reconciling fractions. Legendary polymath Muhammad Al-Khawarizmi first developed algebra to simplify complex Islamic inheritance laws and calculate prayer directions toward Mecca. His invention – originally developed for a religious purpose – today underpins nearly every aspect of modern life. Inspired by Al-Khawarizmi, The Algebra Society leverages insights from Islamic scholarship to help anyone heal life’s fractures.

Philosophy: Algebra embodies a mindset rooted in classical wisdom yet focused on progress, with fractures and imperfections becoming opportunities for growth. Reflecting this mindset, The Algebra Society develops self-improvement resources that incorporate core principles of Islamic scholarship:

  • Nature illustrates organic processes of rejuvenation and growth;
  • Wisdom is rooted in language, which draws on nature to articulate ideas;
  • Seeking healing is a life-long process that requires flexibility and focus.