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"We are an educational non-profit helping people of all backgrounds achieve personal growth inspired by classical Islamic wisdom."

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Our Mission

The Algebra Society empowers people of all backgrounds to discover insights for personal growth inspired by classical Islamic wisdom.

 A 501c3 non-profit, The Algebra Society provides an online educational platform featuring original lectures, podcasts, calligraphy and more to help nurture healing and growth for all.

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The Divine Healer

Meditation practices to heal past traumas 

Inner Dimensions

Uncover Islam’s five pillars as never before. Their inner dimensions offer profound insights into individual growth and healing. 

Dynamic Faculty

Meet educational Coordinator
Mohamad Jebara

Muhammad The World-Changer

An intimate new portrait of
Islam’s founding prophet

Original Calligraphy

Free download of these original Islamic art.

Spotlight Educational Lectures

Delve into a wide array of our engaging lectures. Highlights include:

“Al-Fatiha: Unlocking the Quran’s Iconic Opening Chapter”

Described as the “key” to the Quran, Al-Fatiha is explained in this lecture as never before.

“Muhammad the Omnipreneur”

An orphan born into a stagnant society unleashes an epic journey of innovation across many arenas, from business to military strategy.

“Modern Civilization: Brought to You by Islam”

How Islamic thinking unleashed a renaissance in science, medicine, and the arts that shapes our lives today.

“Places of Grounding: Evolution of Mosques as Connection Points”

An exploration of how masjids have evolved to serve as a physical nexus for spiritual values.

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